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Donating to IHCRC with AmazonSmile

When you do your holiday shopping this year, consider purchasing items through the AmazonSmile program. By adding IHCRC as your designated non-profit, every purchase you make on or inside the Amazon app will donate a small amount to IHCRC all at no cost to you!

Thanks to a recent update to Amazon's mobile app, designating IHCRC as your AmazonSmile non-profit has never been easier! This entire process takes only three minutes and can be done completely from the Amazon shopping app on your mobile device!

  1. Open the Amazon shopping app and navigate to the settings (small three horizontal lines on the bottom right corner).

  2. Scroll down and select “settings” and then click “AmazonSmile”

  3. You will be prompted to enable notifications (required to enable AmazonSmile Donations).

  4. Once notifications are enabled you will be prompted to search for your designated non-profit. Search “Indian Health Care Resource Center”.

  5. Select IHCRC in the populated list and that’s it!

Alternatively, if you shop Amazon through a web browser, visit the link here to sign up:

Congrats! You now support Indian Health Care Resource Center through the AmazonSmile program. Although some purchases may not qualify, you will quickly generate funds with each purchase you make, all at no additional cost to you.

Happy Shopping!

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