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Honoring Our Elders

elders at table enjoying winter event indoors
Elder's at IHCRC Elder Winter Dinner Event

American Indian elders hold a unique and revered place within their community, embodying wisdom, cultural heritage, and resilience. Central to the fabric of our societies, these elders are often the custodians of traditional knowledge and the guardians of cultural practices.

Despite their cultural resilience, American Indian elders face various health challenges including higher rates of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

Historical trauma, socioeconomic disparities, and limited access to healthcare exacerbate these health disparities, underscoring the urgent need for culturally competent care and support.

At Indian Health Care Resource Center, we offer specific services to combat these disparities including:

elder receiving medical service at health clinic in tulsa
Culturally Sensitive Care for American Indian Elders

  • Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Programs

  • Individual Diabetes Management Counseling

  • Specialized Fitness Activities

  • Specialized Medical Care

  • Home Healthcare Visits

  • Case Management

  • Behavioral Health Services (including Baseline Memory Testing)

Amidst these challenges, American Indian elders demonstrate remarkable resilience and strength, drawing upon cultural traditions and community support systems to navigate adversity. By offering support and socialization activities at IHCRC we can help bridge community and health care while offering a clear path to wellness.

Danielle Hurd nurse with a quote about serving elders

The wisdom, perseverance, and connection to ancestral knowledge serve as pillars of resilience, inspiring future generations to honor their heritage and prioritize comprehensive health practices.

Join our Elders program by opening a chart and joining us for our next Tea and Topics discussions happening every third Tuesday of each month!

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