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If you want to touch the life of an individual in need, consider giving up a monthly energy drink, lunch out, or coffee. Your gift of $5 to $10 per month will change a life in one of the following ways and so many more. All of these items are life saving in one way or another. Just think, how many lives would be changed if you asked just 5 of your friends to do the same.

  • $5/month will purchase healthy snacks for all the kids attending a day of summer camp.

  • $10/month will pay the race fees of 3 community races for a member of Running Strong.

  • $5/month will purchase a blood pressure cuff for someone needing to protect their life by lowering their blood pressure.

  • $10/month will purchase 400 lancets and a sharps container for someone living with diabetes.


    Giving the equivalent of one single energy drink or lunch out per month could literally

    save someone's life.


    Members of the Society receive the special benefits outlined below.


    ​$250 - $499 Gift Recognition

    All of the benefits listed below, and

  • Recognition on the IHCRC website

  • A personal invitation to the IHCRC Annual Meeting


    $5 - $100 Gift Recognition

  • IHCRC e-newsletter

  • Recognition in the IHCRC Annual Report and Healthy Spirit magazine

  • Subscription to IHCRC's Healthy Spirit magazine



    We so appreciate the annual support provided by all of our Society members. Their support provides many services for the urban Tulsa Indian community that otherwise would not be available.


    Native American youth playing in a field
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