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Our Wraparound Systems of Care Program helps parents and caregivers address the mental health needs of their children and youth while managing the demands of day-to-day living. Some of the services provided by Wraparound include linkage, coordination, and support for families in need of:


  • Housing

  • Food/Clothing

  • Education/IEP

  • Mental Health & Medical Care

  • DHS/OJA Involvement

  • Family Relationships

  • Community Activities

Wraparound provides a team made up of a Care Coordinator and a Family Support Provider that partners with the family to provide support to families with children who have serious emotional disturbance. With input from the child and the family, the team puts together a wrap plan with a tailored set of services to meet the child's physical, emotional, social, educational, and family needs - building upon the strengths of the child and family.


  • Establish a Chart with IHCRC

  • Sharing Information About Your Family's Strengths, Needs, and Culture.

  • Help Identify a Long-Term Vision and Goals for your Family.

  • Weekly Meetings With Your Care Coordinator and Family Support Provider.

  • Active Participation and Open Communication With Your Team.


Positive Indian Parenting is an eight week class focused on tools and techniques for effective parenting based on Native traditions. Positive Indian Parenting is designed to provide brief, practical, and culturally specific parenting skills for Native parents. We will explore values and attitudes expressed in traditional Indian child-rearing practices and then apply those values to modern parenting skills.

Systems of Care is a partnership between Indian Health Care Resource Center of Tulsa and the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.

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