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Make 2023 Your Healthiest Year Yet!

2023 is here and many of us are looking to make positive changes in the new year, especially when it comes to our health. Creating a healthy New Year’s resolution can be daunting, but with the right tools and guidance, you can achieve your goals. Here are some tips for creating a healthy New Year’s resolution that will stick.

Set Realistic Goals

The most important step in creating a healthy New Year’s resolution is setting realistic goals. Setting unrealistic expectations will only lead

to disappointment and frustration. Reflect on what you want to accomplish this year and create SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound) goals that you know you can achieve within the timeframe you have set for yourself.

SMART Goal Example:

To get healthier by next year, I will start exercising weekly. For the first six months, I will exercise 2x a week for 30-minute intervals. For the last six months, I will exercise 3x a week for 30-minute intervals. I can choose from running, interval exercise videos, and weightlifting.

Break It Down into Bite-Sized Pieces

You might feel overwhelmed when looking at your overall goal so it helps to break it down into smaller pieces that are easier to manage. This way instead of focusing on one big goal you can focus on an achievable task each day or week that brings you closer to achieving your goal. By incorporating a less frequent exercise pattern for the first 6 months of your SMART goal can help the task feel less overwhelming and give you the ability to build momentum through the year. A good place to start your exercise journey is by following along with our Workouts With Jordin video series on YouTube!

Skip the clicks and start working out now!

Find Support & Accountability

It’s much easier to stay motivated if you have support from friends or family members who share similar goals or just want to help keep you accountable along your journey. You might also consider joining a support group or finding an online mentor who has already achieved similar goals as yours (did you know our Fitness Program offers zoom workout sessions with fitness specialists?). Having someone there to cheer you on as well as hold you accountable will help increase your chances of success!


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Take Time to Reflect

At least once per month take time to reflect on your SMART goal to see how far you have come since making your resolution and celebrate any victories no matter how small they may seem. Acknowledging your progress helps motivate and inspire, while keeping track of the challenges faced provides valuable insight into what works best for your specific situation. This can help inform future decisions related to exercise goal setting and achievement.

Making a healthy New Year’s resolution does not need to be complicated or overwhelming if done with proper planning and preparation. Start by setting realistic goals for yourself then break them down into manageable tasks which makes them more achievable over time. Find additional support from friends or family members who share similar goals and join an online forum or find an online mentor for additional accountability (IHCRC's Fitness Program). Finally, take time each month to reflect on how far you have come since making your resolution—recognizing even small victories will help keep motivation high!

With these tips in mind, 2023 could be your healthiest year yet!

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