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Native American 
Youth Summit - New Ways

Join us September 23rd for Native American Youth Summit. Our Youth Summit focuses on New Ways for young urban Native Americans to advocate for themselves through life skills including healthy relationships, coping skills, leadership development, opportunities after high school, and navigating adulthood. Our goal is to help Native American youth prepare for a bright today and an even brighter future.

For Native American Students in Grades 9-12.

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Native American Youth Summit
Native American Youth Summit
Sep 23, 2023, 8:30 AM

Meet our Keynote Presenters

Ryan RedCorn

Ryan RedCorn (Osage) was born in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. He is the ilonpa of Raymond and Elizabeth RedCorn, and the object of jealousy from his three younger brothers Jon, Alex, and Studebaker, who between them have four masters degrees and two Phd's. Ryan, however, took six and a half years to get an art degree in visual communications from the University of Kansas. To the surprise of many, Ryan has been able to translate his education, his ilonpa entitlement, and his family lineage into something some people think is valuable. He co-founded the Indigenous comedy troupe the 1491s. 

Alex Meraz

Alex Meraz (Purépecha descent) is a Writer and Actor best known for his notable work in hit films and TV shows such as The Twilight Saga franchise, Bright (Netflix), Suicide Squad, and The Walking Dead. Alex will share with you how he went from having no clear vision for his future to how a path started to open up.

Presentation topic:

 A talk about my journey into the entertainment industry, dreams, and putting the puzzle pieces of my life together.

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This year's Native American Youth Summit: New Ways is hosted by ONE Gas. Located in the heart of downtown Tulsa, their building offers the perfect hosting environment for Youth Summit.

Directions: Youth Summit will utilize the employee entrance on the north side of the building (between Main and Boston on 4th street).

Shuttle services will also be available for those who do not want to drive downtown. Transportation from IHCRC will be from 8AM - 9AM.


15 East Fifth Street, Tulsa, OK 74103

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