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Carmelita Wamego Skeeter

Chief Executive Officer

Carmelita Skeeter began her career at IHCRC in 1976 when she helped survey residents to assess health needs of the local urban Indian population. Survey results showed medical needs of Tulsa’s American Indians were not being met. When she was hired as one of IHCRC’s original four employees, the agency provided referral services only. Within a year, the first medical services were offered. During her tenure with IHCRC, Carmelita has worn many hats, including Clinic Administrator and, since 1989, Chief Executive Officer.

Carmelita has been recognized numerous times for her tireless efforts to ensure quality, accessible and comprehensive health care to Tulsa’s Indian people. As a proud member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, she speaks strongly in support of minority and Indian health needs. Carmelita has distinguished herself both locally and nationally with her advocacy and dedication to a wide range of critical health care issues. She is an activist and strong supporter of aiding underserved populations. She is not a person who sits down in the time of need; she is the one who coordinates the troops.

Carmelita’s dedication to the betterment of lives for the American Indian population has been the focus of her professional life. Her legacy will be remembered as one who always stood up for those who couldn’t speak for themselves and who worked diligently to leave circumstances better than she found them. Because of her political finesse, hard work and dedication, she has ensured the health care needs for American Indians in Tulsa and the surrounding areas is not only better, but much better.

Carmelita Wamego Skeeter
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