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Jason Menting, PsyD

Chief Behavioral Health Officer

As IHCRC’s Chief Behavioral Health Officer, Dr. Menting spearheads the direction, strategic goals, services and operations of the Behavioral Health department. He ensures that the personnel are in place with the appropriate education, training and licensure to meet the mental health needs of our patient population. He works closely with James David Bright, Psy.D., Associate Director of Behavioral Health and Heather Moore, MA, LPC, Pediatric Behavioral Health Director, to maintain a suite of mental health services with the highest level of current competency, clinical skills, confidentiality, and ethical standards.


Dr. Menting first came to IHCRC as a psychology intern through the Northeastern Oklahoma Psychology Internship Program (NOPIP), a yearlong internship. After the successful completion of his NOPIP internship, he joined the Active Staff at IHCRC as the Director of Clinical Training. In this position he ensured the clinical training of our interns met the criteria for the American Psychologist Association (AMA) as well as the Northeastern Oklahoma Psychology Internship Program (NOPIP). From his own experience he was able to share with the interns his extensive experience in providing individual psychotherapy with clients, administering test batteries for psychological assessments, and writing psychological evaluation reports. Dr. Menting made a concerted effort to encourage a commitment to community outreach with the interns. As an advocate for embracing best practices in the psychologist field, Dr. Menting is committed to collaborative efforts and consultation with other healthcare professionals to ensure holistic treatment is provided for all clients. Dr. Menting was also responsible for spearheading the training for practicum students placed at our facility. Upon the resignation of Rachel Leah Floyd, Psy.D., IHCRC’s Director of Behavioral Health, Dr. Menting assumed that role which he maintained until being promoted to the Chief Behavioral Health Officer position in 2024.  

Jason Menting, PsyD
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