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Back to School

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The excitement of a new school year often brings with it the hustle of buying new supplies, setting academic goals, and reuniting with friends. However, as we step into another year, it's equally important to focus on students' overall well-being. This encompasses their physical health, the importance of vaccinations, daily hygiene, and, crucially, their mental wellness.

Physical Health & The Role of Vaccinations:

As school starts it's a good time for parents to consult with their child's pediatrician or family doctor to ensure their child's health check-ups are up-to-date. Additionally, vaccinations play a pivotal role in ensuring not just individual protection but also the safety of the entire school community. Schools have vaccination guidelines in place, and adhering to these can help reduce the spread of preventable illnesses. Click here for Oklahoma's guide for vaccination requirements. Protect your child's health and schedule an appointment for a back-to-school checkup by calling 918-588-1900.

Hygiene Habits for Everyday Protection:

Simple habits can make a world of difference. Encouraging regular handwashing, especially before meals and after restroom breaks, is a must. Providing children with hand sanitizers and reminding them of basic etiquette, like covering their mouth and nose with a tissue or elbow when coughing or sneezing, can go a long way in maintaining a healthier classroom environment.

Mental Wellness - Beyond the Books:

The pressures of school can be overwhelming for many students. This year, let's ensure we're giving as much importance to their mental health as we do to their grades. Simple techniques can help:

Mindfulness or Meditation: A few minutes of deep breathing or meditation in the morning or before bed can help students feel more centered and less stressed.

Open Conversations: Encourage students to talk about their feelings. Whether it's with parents, teachers, or school counselors, having an open line of communication can make them feel supported.

Regular Breaks: Especially for older students, regular breaks during study hours can boost productivity and reduce feelings of burnout.

Stay Active: Physical activity, whether it's playing a sport or just taking a walk, can significantly uplift mood and improve mental well-being. One way to be consistent with an activity is to join a club or sports team. IHCRC's Running Strong Run Club is looking for new members. It's not just for seasoned runners; walkers are equally welcomed! Member's have the exciting opportunity to compete in local runs, will all expenses covered. Running Strong offers a fantastic way to boost physical health while enjoying the company of fellow students. Check out for more information!

As we embark on the journey of a new academic year, let's remember that the well-being of our students isn't just about academic achievement. By giving equal weight to their health, hygiene, and mental wellness, we're setting them up for a year of success, both inside and outside the classroom.

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