The IHCRC Planned Giving Department offers a variety of ways that you can protect your family’s future, achieve your financial goals and help to ensure a brighter future for Tulsa’s Native American community.


Are these things important to you?


  • Providing for your family in the future

  • Protecting your home, business, and possessions

  • Making certain your children are safe if something should happen to you.

  • Giving back to the organizations that have helped you and your family without having to give money now

  • Giving certain possession to specific family members, friends, or organizations

  • Retiring comfortably while still giving to your community


At IHCRC, we offer free estate and legacy planning services that can help you do all these things - today.


What is Estate and Legacy Planning?

Estate planning helps you determine who receives your wealth (home, business, possessions) after you are gone. It can also help you plan for future retirement and for the well-being of your children in the event something happens to you. There are so many ways all of these things can be accomplished.


Through our estate planning services, you will receive the information you need to help you make the right choices for you. This is your legacy and we want to help you share it in a way that matters most to you.


If you would like to learn more about these services and how you might give back to IHCRC after you are gone, we invite you to contact Debbie Starnes, Development Director, dstarnes@ihcrc.org, 918-382-1203 or visit directly with our planned giving department by calling 918-491-0079.


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