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IHCRC's dental and optometry departments are always busy. Our two dentists alone saw 1,895 unduplicated patients during a pandemic year. Unfortunately, the current space limitations prohibit adding dentists to the department. Therefore, dental services have been limited to children and youth, pregnant women, and persons living with diabetes.

Optometry services are currently limited to children and youth, persons with diabetes and individuals with eye diseases or infections. One optometrist provided 1,789 visits for 1,185 unduplicated individuals. 

Dental optometry are not the only departments reaching maximum service potential. IHCRC's pharmacy is like no other. Filling more than 1,000 prescriptions a day in 1,140 square feet, the motion of the pharmacy staff is more like a fine tuned dance. Additionally, anyone who has tried to enter the IHCRC parking lot on a day when the pharmacy is busy knows that additional pharmacy lines are needed.

Patient needs are always on the mind of IHCRC's Board and staff. Therefore it came as no surprise when the IHCRC Board approved the purchase of the property to the north of the current building. Within the next two years, an expanded pharmacy, along with an expanded optometry and dental department will be available. Additionally, the new space will make room for a larger exercise facility, and some specialty services such as physical therapy. The building will also provide an opportunity for IHCRC to expand medical and behavioral health services within the current facility.

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