Pre-doctoral Psychology Internship

Pre-doctoral Psychology Internship
IHCRC’s psychology internship program is conducted in partnership with the Northeastern Oklahoma Psychology Internship Program (NOPIP). NOPIP is an internship consortium that is fully-accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) and is comprised of seven agencies that provide quality training in the provision of psychological services. Those sites include: IHCRC, Oklahoma Forensic Center, Laureate Psychiatric Clinic and Hospital, the University of Tulsa Counseling and Psychological Services Center, Tulsa Center for Child Psychology and the private practices of Drs. Smasal and Ballew.

Although NOPIP is a consortium that is comprised of multiple sites, interns matched at IHCRC complete their entire clinical experience at this site (36 hours per week). In addition, interns complete 4 hours of group supervision and didactics each week with all the interns from other sites within NOPIP. Our 2,000 hour psychology internship trains interns to provide behavioral health services in an outpatient medical setting that emphasizes developing cultural competence and working in an interdisciplinary setting. Interns have an opportunity to provide psychotherapy to and conducted psychological assessments with clients across the lifespan. In keeping with a generalist model, it is expected that interns gain some experience working with clients across the lifespan.

Adult Services
Interns have an opportunity to provide individual psychotherapy to adults with a wide range of mental health issues. These may include acute issues, such as dealing with an immediate stressor, and/or more chronic issues, such as post-traumatic stress disorder –  including intergenerational trauma. Additionally, interns provide crisis counseling for walk-in clients.

Child and Adolescent Services
Interns will gain experience in the provision of individual therapy to children and adolescents. Common reasons for referral are defiant behavior, anger management difficulties, emotional dysregulation, and depressed mood. These cases tend to require working with the entire family to develop behavior plans and help parents hone parenting skills. When working with families involved in our Systems of Care (SOC) program, interns will have an opportunity to collaborate with the SOC team.

Conducting psychological assessments is an integral component on our interns’ training. Interns will have an opportunity to conduct assessments throughout the year, under the supervision of a licensed psychologist. Specific training will be provided for Department of Human Services (DHS) parental capacity evaluations, ADHD assessments, and evaluating for neurodevelopmental disorders. Interns will also have an opportunity to conduct psychological assessments for diagnostic clarification, memory deficits, learning disabilities, and other cognitive deficits.

Throughout the internship year, interns will be provided with a minimum of two hours of individual supervision each week. One hour will focus on adult cases and one hour will focus on child and adolescent cases. Initially, interns participate in a period of orientation, observation, and supervision during which interns work more closely with a supervising psychologist. The interns gradually take on increasingly independent roles in their clinical services, as their level of competency increases. By the end of the internship year, interns are expected to function as relatively independent clinicians, albeit with continued supervision.

NOPIP Program Description and Application
For a complete NOPIP program description and application information, please go to NOPIP.