Well Child Care

Wellness care provides the opportunity for the medical provider and the child’s caregiver to anticipate, discuss, and plan what is needed during times of rapid growth and change otherwise known as infancy and childhood. These frequent visits allow the caregiver and provider team to create the best circumstances for the child to:

  • prevent illness/disease through immunizations and dental care
  • reach developmental milestones (anticipatory guidance both physical and emotional)
  • establish a healthy lifestyle for nutrition (WIC) and social interaction (school exams)

When your child is ill, they don’t feel like showing the provider how well they walk or talk. The child doesn’t relate very well either, so their social skills cannot be evaluated. Well child care requires a well child.

As a care-giver for your child, take advantage of your provider’s expertise and come prepared with your questions and ready to make a plan for your child’s wellness.

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