Pediatric Behavioral Health

Psychological Evaluations
Is your child having difficulty in school? Is he or she displaying behavioral problems? Are you worried that she or he may have ADHD? Is anxiety affecting his or her daily life? Our behavioral health staff can complete a psychological assessment to determine the source of the difficulty and provide you with recommendations. Our reports are often used by schools in developing Individualized Education Plans, as well as providing much needed information to parents about the wellbeing of their children and guiding treatment decisions.

Child Development Assessments
Every child is different – they each have their own unique personalities, likes, and interests; they reach developmental milestones at different ages. While recognizing and celebrating these differences, there are also commonalities between children. Sometimes, if developmental milestones have not been reached, intervention may be necessary. Conditions such as autism or a specific developmental delay may be impacting a child’s ability to flourish within his or her environment. IHCRC’s team of psychologists is trained to evaluate children to determine if they are meeting developmental milestones within the normal range, as well as evaluate the overall emotional and psychological well-being of the child, and provide recommendations for treatment should concerns arise.

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy
Childhood is wrought with difficulties, and there are times children benefit from seeing a professional counselor or psychologist for therapy. Psychotherapy has been shown, through research, to be effective in treating a variety of childhood issues, such as depression and anxiety, as well as helping children cope with difficult challenges, including divorce, death of loved ones, moves, bullying, etc. Psychologists and counselors can also work with children and parents in the development of coping strategies, such as helping children with ADHD learn ways to focus their attention. IHCRC’s therapists work closely with not only the child, but also with the parents to help integrate the progress of treatment into the child’s everyday life and teach parents new ways of interacting with their children that may be more effective.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
At times, a child may need medications to alleviate behavioral or emotional problems. IHCRC’s Behavioral Health Department has a psychiatrist on staff who specializes in the treatment of children and adolescents. Prior to meeting the child for the first time, the caregiver will be asked to complete several measures and a thorough history form designed to obtain information about the child’s social, developmental, medical, mental health, and educational background as well as his or her current emotional and behavioral functioning. After reviewing this information and meeting with both the child and caregiver, the psychiatrist is able to develop a working diagnosis and an appropriate treatment plan.

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