IHCRC’s team of dedicated healthcare professionals has been providing quality, comprehensive health care to Tulsa-area Indian people since 1976.

IHCRC is currently seeking the following qualified individuals to join our team:

PSYCHIATRIST – Provides psychiatric care and crisis intervention to clinic adult patients. Makes mental health diagnosis, prescribes and manages medications.

FAMILY PRACTICE PHYSICIAN – Provides primary medical care to clinic patients. Makes medical diagnosis, prescribes and manages medications.

PSYCHOLOGIST – Provides behavioral health assessment and therapy services to Native American community.

XRAY TECHNICIAN – Prepares patient for radiologic procedures by using proper positioning techniques. Ensures proper equipment use and routine maintenance.

RN PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE – Must be a licensed RN. Provide public health services and education to Native American community.

To apply for an open position, please download and then complete the employment application. Fax to 918-382-1227.

IHCRC Employment Application

Please note: applicants must submit an IHCRC Employment Application to be considered for employment. A resume may be submitted with the application, but a resume alone will not be accepted.

Submit completed application to:

Indian Health Care Resource Center
Attn: Human Resources
550 S Peoria Ave
Tulsa, OK 74120-3825
918-382-1227 fax

Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action/Indian Preference in Hiring