Organizational Overview

Utilizing a patient-centered, multidisciplinary, medical home approach, Indian Health Care Resource Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, offers a full range of health and wellness services tailored to the Indian community.  Services include: Medical, Optometry, Dental, Pharmacy, Transportation, Behavioral Health, Health Education and Wellness, Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention, and Youth Programs focused on traditions, health, and leadership skills.

IHCRC recognizes that healing requires someone who understands the patient’s culture; who recognizes that history and tradition play a vital role in patient wellbeing; and who believes that in order to become a healthy individual all the aspects of one’s nature – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – must be equally addressed and expressed.

The mission of the Indian Health Care Resource Center of Tulsa, Inc. (IHCRC) is to provide quality, comprehensive health care to Tulsa-area Indian people in a culturally sensitive manner that promotes good health, well being and harmony.

The vision of IHCRC is to eliminate health disparities, expand innovative family-focused practices and promote an embracing approach to care that strengthens physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness within the Indian community.

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Goal
The long-term goal of IHCRC is to improve general health status and reduce the incidence and severity of chronic disease by engaging the Indian community in ongoing health promotion, and disease prevention and management programs.